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What You Need to Place GeoCheckpoint

Everything what you need to start placing GeoCheckpoints which can be searched by other users, is a GPS device or smartphone with built-in GPS and free account here at GeoCheckpointing.com. It is also recommended to read the knowledge base first. If there are some GeoCheckpoints in your neighbourhood, find them before placing your own.

Start in Your Account

Log in to your account, click the Create New GeoCheckpoint link and follow the instructions. When one or more GeoCheckpoints are created, you can print them out under the Print Out GeoCheckpoints link.

Prepare the GeoCheckpoint

Use a plastic bag or laminate the GeoCheckpoint to make it waterproof. Lamination requires more efforts but the GeoCheckpoint will require less maintenance in the future. Prepare a string if you plan to hang out the GeoCheckpoint or a tape if you are going to stick it down. Now you are ready to go outdoor and put it close to some interesting place.

Put the GeoCheckpoint on Place

Put the GeoCheckpoint on place. Distance between any two GeoCheckpoints should be at least 250 meters. If possible, put it no more than 150 cm above the ground, otherwise mention this fact in the description. Use the GPS device to get the GeoCheckpoint coordinates. Write down the coordinates and remember what interesting can be seen near the GeoCheckpoint.

The GeoCheckpoint should be clearly visible, i. e. it may be possible to find it by look (so it should not be hidden in places like a cache, inside a wall or under stones). Ideal GeoCheckpoint requires a little searching, however, keep in mind GeoCheckpointing is more about moving outdoors than searching one GeoCheckpoint for ages. If you believe your GeoCheckpoint may be difficult to find in less than two or three minutes, please provide some hint in the description. Check out the knowledge base for example hides.

Choose Interesting Places

The goal of every GeoCheckpoint is to show others something interesting. It can be nice place in the nature, historic building, park, lookout, etc. -- simply anything worth to visit. Print out some GeoCheckpoints, take them with you any time and place them every time you find such places.

Respect Local Restrictions

Keep in mind there may be restrictions regarding GeoCheckpoints' placement in some countries. E. g. many countries do not allow to enter outside the trails in national parks. If you are going to place GeoCheckpoint in a private land, you need a permission from the owner.

Submit GeoCheckpoint for Approval

After placing the GeoCheckpoint, log in to your account, click the Submit New GeoCheckpoint link and submit it for approval. You will be asked to fill in information like GPS coordinates, description, country, etc. When you submit new GeoCheckpoint, an administrator will check out submitted data and either approve the GeoCheckpoint or contact you by email if necessary.

How to Place GeoCheckpoints

This simple guide will show you how to place GeoCheckpoints for other users.

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