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What You Need to Start

Starting with GeoCheckpointing is very easy. Everything what you need to find GeoCheckpoints is a GPS device or smartphone with an internal GPS and free account here at GeoCheckpointing.com. It is also possible to start without the GPS device and search GeoCheckpoints using a map.

Get GeoCheckpoint's Coordinates

Log in to your account and click the Search GeoCheckpoints link. Use the map or the search feature to find coordinates of the GeoCheckpoints in your neighbourhood. To get an idea if it is worth to visit given GeoCheckpoint check out the details page. It displays brief description and how is the GeoCheckpoint rated by others.

Search GeoCheckpoints Using a GPS Device

Enter the GPS coordinates to your device and let it to navigate you. If you have a smartphone, you can use GeoCheckpoint Finder, an online GeoCheckpointing navigation. As soon as you arrive to the coordinates look for the control point called GeoCheckpoint. GeoCheckpoint has size of 6 x 8 cm and contains the three-letter code. Write it down or make a photo of the code -- you will need it later to log your visit.

Search GeoCheckpoints Using a Map

Zoom the map to see the exact location of the GeoCheckpoint. Use both street view and satellite view to see as many details about the GeoCheckpoint as possible. Then continue in the same way like GPS users -- find the GeoCheckpoint and write down the three-letter code.

Log Your Visit

When you are back at home, log in to your account and click the Log Your Visit link. Enter the GeoCheckpoint number you have found and the three-letter code. When done, you can see this GeoCheckpoint in the statistics of your finds. You can also notice that your finds are displayed as smiles on the map.

How to Find GeoCheckpoints

This simple guide will show you how to successfully start finding the GeoCheckpoints.

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