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GeoCheckpoint Finder -- Online Version

Online version of the GeoCheckpoint Finder. Simply open http://m.geocheckpointing.com in your mobile browser. You do not need to install anything, the website works in the similar way like the native application. Tested on Iphone and Android, but it should work on other operating systems too.


  • Download nearest GeoCheckpoints from our server and navigate using the arrow or Google maps or set the target manually.
  • Save multiple GeoCheckpoints for offline use.
  • Log GeoCheckpoint visit in a few seconds.
  • Averaging coordinates (useful when placing a new GeoCheckpoint).

Run GeoCheckpoint Finder On Your Smartphone

GeoCheckpoint Finder For Android

Android version of GeoCheckpoint Finder. Tested on oldest Android versions, but for some unknown reason does not work with the newest versions.

Install GeoCheckpoint Finder For Android

GeoCheckpointing Software

Software for GeoCheckpointing.

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