• Use GPS or map to find GeoCheckpoints
  • Explore interesting places
  • Family-friendly outdoor activity
  • Any time and anywhere in the world

Use GPS or map to find GeoCheckpoints

When you find a GeoCheckpoint, write down the three-letter code. When you come back to the GeoCheckpointing website, use that code to confirm your find.

Explore interesting places

GeoCheckpoints will guide you through interesting places which you may never have seen otherwise. Visit stunning city corners as well as beautiful nature.

Family-friendly outdoor activity

GeoCheckpointing is suitable for individuals as well as for whole families. Most of the GeoCheckpoints can be easily reached even with small children.

Any time and anywhere in the world

Seek GeoCheckpoints on holiday, in your free time, on the way from work or when waiting for a bus -- simply any time and anywhere.

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What is GeoCheckpointing?

GeoCheckpointing is an outdoor activity where participants use a GPS device or a map to find control points called GeoCheckpoints.

The goal of every GeoCheckpoint is to show you some interesting place. Some GeoCheckpoints are placed in a beautiful nature while others can be found in charming corners of cities.

You can enjoy GeoCheckpointing any time and anywhere in the world. Search GeoCheckpoints alone, with friends or with your family.

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Difference from Other GPS Games

At first glance, GeoCheckpointing may look similar to some other GPS games. However, as soon as you find your first GeoCheckpoint, you will see a big difference.

GeoCheckpointing requires significantly less time spent on the computer, both when seeking the GeoCheckpoints and when logging your finds. Also placing new GeoCheckpoints is much easier.

However, there are much more reasons why GeoCheckpointing came into existence.

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