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Example Hides

There are many ways how to hide the GeoCheckpoints. Here are some examples.

Plastic Bag & String

Using a plastic bag is probably the simplest, quickest and cheapest way how to place a GeoCheckpoint. On the other hand, it requires more frequent maintenance. These GeoCheckpoints are also very vulnerable to vandalism.

Laminated GCP & String

Laminated GeoCheckpoints are perfectly weatherproof so they require no maintenance unless they become a target of vandalism.

Laminated GCP & Zip Tie

Zip tie makes more difficult to destroy the GeoCheckpoint. You can use permanent marker and write the GCP # & code on the zip tie. Even if somebody steals the GeoCheckpoint, the zip tie with the code almost always stays on place and can be found. This way, founders still can log their visits.

Laminated GCP & Tape

You can use a tape to stick either laminated GeoCheckpoint or placed in a plastic bag. You can also use a zip tie together with the tape. Zip tie with the GCP # and the code is probably the best way how to protect the GeoCheckpoint against vandalism.

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